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SET Water Polo Families,

As we prepare to re-enter our main training facilities, I wanted to provide you with an update on how the Summer Session will be administered to the athletes.  With the Spring Session concluding this month, we recognize the importance of addressing Spring dues, how they were utilized, and the Summer Session registration that precedes the upcoming High School Season.

SVUSD Pool Fee:
The SVUSD Spring Session usage fee will be applied to the Summer Session for those athletes that paid. Athletes that did not make the payment will need to pay the SVUSD usage fee for the Summer Session. 

Spring Session Registration:
Your support during this time allowed us to quickly move to Google Classroom and ZOOM hosted activities that allowed athletes to stay connected and continue to develop.  The professionalism and nimbleness of the SET coaches were exemplified as they quickly created a new and robust learning and remote training environment for the athletes.  Additionally, SET positioned itself to rent private training facilities (AquaWave and SwimLabs) that provided the Club’s athletes an opportunity to participate in swim conditioning.  To my knowledge, SET athletes were afforded the first opportunity to resume training in the area!

Summer Session:
The Summer Session begins June 1st and ends July 31st.  Training will continue at AquaWave and SwimLabs until our pools open for summer. As schools wind-down for the year, beach practices will be added to the training regiment to increase water time and promote strength and endurance conditioning. 

Phase 1:  While Pools Remain Closed.
SwimLabs and AquaWave: 1-2x per week.
Dryland/Beach Workouts: 2x per week (via ZOOM/Google Classroom/Small Group Invites)

Phase 2:  Pools Reopen.
Resume training at our regular practice facilities, providing athletes with the normal three workouts per week.  They will be in smaller groups during this period, which requires more deck time for all of the coaches.

We continue to appreciate your support of SET Water Polo and we all know how important it is to get back to our new normal for the athletes.


Bradley Schumacher
SET Director